Can't Play Back Lossless Video

Hello! I’m trying to take advantage of Synfig’s new option to render lossless ffmpeg videos, as demonstrated in this video:

When I try this and try to play the file with Windows Media Player, nothing happens. When I make it an .avi, I press play, and it acts as though I just finished watching the video (it asks me if I want to re-watch it), whereas when it’s an mp4 or mpg, Windows Media Player complains that it can’t play the file. I’m using Windows 7. I can confirm that other .avi and .mp4 files do work on my computer.

I thought maybe I needed to manually install FFMpeg, but that didn’t help. I also thought maybe I needed to install a codec to play H.264 files, but after a bit of research, it sounds like Windows 7 is already supposed to work with H.264.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello su9000 and welcome here…

Can you play/open the file with another media player , for example Vlc ?
From a console, can you run this command “ffprobe nameoflosslessvideo.avi” (from the directory containing the video), and paste the result here …