Can't import any image files?

MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6 Synfig 1.2.2
I cannot import any .jpg or .png files.
I get a pop up box saying:
" I don’t know how to open images of this type–png"
I get the same pop up for .jpg files as well.
I searched Google and here but found no answer.
It is essential for me to be able to import image files.
Thank you I look forward to a solution.

It could be that the file extension is not formatted properly.
For example if there is an extra space like this “. jpg” it will say it doesn’t recognize the type.
Try renaming the file in that case.

First I would like to Thank you for answering my question. Thanks
Odd I just tried Synfig again and it open the image. Strange.
I appreciate you answering and look forward to speaking with you again.

My info:
Synfig Studio 1.2.2-20180914
MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6
Again thank you for the answer.