Cant give shapes color

I am useing Ubuntu 9.10 and Synfig 0.61.09 and I am haveing the problam that I cant give shapes color it dose not matter what I try All color sliders are set to NO color. I make a shape and try to use the color sliders and it dose not work. Dose some one know how to fix this or if there is a fix to install?

Please provide a screenshot. I bet that the default blend method is not “Composite”.
Also provide the sample file would help on discard if the problem is in the file or in the application.
Please update to 0.62.00 from the download page.

While I am not sure what you want when you say sample file I do have a screen shot.

Here there is!
Straight Onto only shows something when placed onto something not transparent. So if you start with a transparent background, all the stratight onto layers will be invisible.
See this: … _Parameter


I got the newr version installed and the veary same problam and I have tryed what you just suggested. This seams to be a bug that is with Ubuntu 9.10 in Ubuntu 9.04 it Synfig 0.61.09 works. Now on Ubuntu 9.10 both Synfig 0.61.09 and 0.62.00 have the same problam.

Make sure “straight onto” is chaged to “composite”

(Meanwhile I’ll upgrade to 9.10 sometime soon, I’ll tell you if I get the same probs)