Can't find any way to create a thick outline around an existing shape


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Hi david,

When you click the circle tool, on the right of the UI you should see circle creation. Underneath it will be the settings for how the circle will be created. You should see 6 boxes with different symbols, mouse over each until you find outline layer and have it selected (also make sure you have circle or region layer selected as well). Below that you should also see “brush size”, which will determine the outline’s thickness. You may need to remake the circle multiple times to find the right size that you want. Once you have your circle and its selected in the canvas, look toward the bottom right of the UI and it should list both outline and “filling” layers. Select either one and then look at the bottom left of the UI and it should provide options for editing the layer. Amount determines how much of the layer will be displayed (the lower the number the more faded it looks, higher gives a more radiant result) and color is self explanatory. To change the other layer just select it on the bottom right and repeat the same thing.


I have an existing circle, which I have managed to fill with a desired color. But it has no outline, unless the outline has the same color?

I see 8 boxes of parameters, such as Z Depth and Amount. I do not see “outline layer” anywhere.

It would help me if you provided screenshots with arrows pointing where the controls are as you mention them. Synfig seems well designed, but the location and the appearance of the controls seems random instead of well-organized.

I’m still confused as to how to get an outline around my circle.


It’s exactly what @DeSpencer said but I understand that you can’t found it yet. I tried to show you how it works here:


ebarranko, thank you for the video!

However, my Synfig Studio (vers. 1.2.2) interface does not look like yours! I have no “Circle Creation” pane. Also, I am not sure which control you clicked. The panes in Synfig are very tiny.

I would send a screenshot, but I don’t see any way to do that in this forum.

Also, I don’t see an Outline Width property for my circle. There are only 8 properties. How do I make the other properties appear?


I did a lot of experiments and think I’ve figured it out. I’ll post what I found separately, so I can save others the trouble.

See: Shapes: how fills and outlines work