Can't click on "blur"

Hey. I’ve been trying to click on the “Blur” option while following a tutorial, but it’s just not allowing me, even when I clicked multiple times.

(For example, I right-click, open up “New Layer”, then tried to click on “Blurs”, but literally’s nothing happening.)

Can you help me how to fix this? I’m using a Mac.

(This applies to other layer effects, too.)

Hello there, could you give more info like the version you’re using and your OS. Also a more detailed description would help (do you seen any errors, is the layer even being created in the layers panel etc…) or if you could replicate in a small video it would certainly help.

The version is 1.4.4 (I think), and I’m on a Ventura 13.2.1. I can’t attach evidence right now…

Hi and welcome among us :slight_smile:
Please use you arrow keys on the keyboard to select your submenus?
It is a know bug of GTK on Mac.

Search for “macosx menu workaround” and you will find this:

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It works! Thanks for the advice!