cannot render any more...

Hey guys!

Strange error messages started to appear today when i tried to render.

it worked fine this morning. haven´t changed anything… well… I just made the timeline longer, from 30s to 2min
and added a few new images.

First I tried with ffmpeg and got the error messages shown in the attached file “error code.png”

then I thought I would give it a try with yuv420p since I had issues before with rendering with ffmpeg in synfig (only on this computer, I don´t know why) and got the error message shown in the attached file “error code2.png”

can anyone tell me what went wrong and how I fix it?
error code2.PNG
error code.PNG

Looks like you have memory problems. Can you write down your computer specifications?
Do you have any other kind of troubles with other applications?

this computer is a DELL E6240 model.

Win XP

SP 3

3,16GB of RAM


don´t think so… everything else seems to work fine… so far

I tried (right now) with another .sifz file and that worked fine… I was able to render that one.

but not the one I was working on today…

it doesn´t look like a computer issue to me… looks like something happened to my file :confused:

even the preview functions fail to “render” after 45s into the animation

Can you post the offending file here?

Sorry but I can´t. :frowning:

the project I´m working on is for a friend of mine and he wants it to be confidential until it´s released.

By the way there´s one other thing I´m wondering about…

is there any differences between the windows version of synfig and the mac version?

The reason I´m asking is that the file that I create in windows (on a PC, not via parallels or boot camp) won´t work properly on my mac. the images “cannot be found” if I go from the windows version to the mac version.

It looks though like it works fine if I first create the project on my mac and then go the PC version and back again.

any ideas why this might happen?

Images can be lost if they are not moved together with the same relative path. It is possible that the path of the images were stored in a absolute path and then when moving it can’t be found. The best thing is to store the images in a folder relatively below to the sifz file and move all together to other computer.

Do you have many images and are they huge?
It can explain the memory problems.

I guess so… it´s around 40 images I think… on a timeline that is 1min 35s.

this is the last scene actually.

maybe I should shorten the scene down to several scenes instead of just one.

the images are stored in folders on a USB drive, same as the .sifz file.

they are stored like this…

scene folder --> images folder, synfig folder, video folder etc --> images, .sifz, .av i(depending on which folder you choose)

If you want, you can send to me the files in a private email: genetita at gmail dot com.
I can try to render in other platforms, including: Linux (different flavors), Mac OSX Lion and Window Vista, so I can confirm if it is a file, Synfig or operating system problem.

I´ll check with my friend and get back to you… :slight_smile:

Sorry but he said no. :frowning:

I´ll have to find another way to solve this. thanks any way :slight_smile:

by the way… the files created in the windows version of synfig should work fine in the mac OS version right? this is just “bad luck” that the images aren´t imported when I sit on my MAC and try to open the file that I created on my PC? just wondering :slight_smile:

Hello Chris79,
Why don’t you do the rendering in two parts or several parts?
Then just put the pieces together with Virtual Dub or Avidemux …

I dont’ see any reason to do not work on Mac if the files were made in Windows. Unless the path were stored in the sifz file as absolute path. Can you open the file on windows and save it as sif (instead of sifz) and open it on a text editor and search the path of the image files? This can be a clue.

that is how I´m thinking of doing it from now on… :wink:

redoing all of the scene and then cutting it into smaller parts and putting it together with a video editor. I think I´ll continue using iMovie to put them together since I´m doing all of the video editing on my MAC .

is Avidemux any good? I have heard about it bout never tried it.

is it better then iMovie?

as sif?

ok… it´s worth a shot :slight_smile: