Cannot Render Animation to Gif - fixed

How do I render my animation to a gif file?
I walked through the Animation Basics tutorial. At the end of the tutorial it describes how to preview an animation and render it to an animated GIF. The preview was animated but the saved gif file was a still of my first frame.
Any ideas?

Try this command line:

synfig youranimation.sifz -t gif -o youranmimation.gif

and paste here the results.

I guess you don’t have installed imagemagick package or libmagick++ libraries.

The program ‘synfig’ is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install synfig

I had assumed that synfig would install alongside synfig studio.
After installing synfig, i can compile animations from the command line but not from the gui of synfig studio.

I unchecked “render current frame” and it rendered the entire animation! :mrgreen: