Cannot get ffmpeg to work,,,

hi guys!

I´m guessing that some of you already seen my previous posts so you know that I had issues early on with creating my animation but I was wondering one thing… am I the only one who experience issues with rendering (ffmpeg)? I have all the scenes I need for the animation but not able to render them, which is quite frustrating.

I´ll take it from the beginning.

I installed synfig studio on my PC.
I noticed from the beginning that rendering in ffmpeg sometimes didn´t work. It was like Russian roulette. You never knew when it would work and when it wouldn´t…


I installed the application instead on my virtual PC on my MAC computer (the reason for this was that I wasn´t able to get the MAC version to work at that time) and there it worked fine. I was able to render with ffmpeg. No issues at all… until two days ago.

Then suddenly it stopped working. I thought maybe it was because I had an older version so i updated to the latest synfig studio version… but nothing. the issue persisted.

I have also managed to install the MAC version but the issue is the same there… not able to render with ffmpeg.

so now I have 2 computers, one PC and one MAC with the same issue on both.

what is causing this and how do I solve it?

maybe around ffmpeg version ???
in my case i have an old 0.5.9 cause of ubuntu lucid 10.4.4 “official repository”
you can have a look in this direction … not too high ffmpeg and not to low ffmpeg …

if not already done