can`t install synfig??

Hi, I am new to synfig,English is not my mother language,
so forgive me please If I’m make some mistake in words.

I spend many time to read the manual ,try it very hard to understand every word. then download the soft,when i start to install, some problems came out that i can`t install it, maybe about the OS? Win2003?
I just have no idea how to fix it out. somebody help me please…

If you want our help, you have to give us more detailed information.

  • What is the operating system you are using?
  • What was the problem you encountered?
  • What did you download?


thanks for the suggest
what i install is download from synfig homepage
when I run the synfig install program, it shows: can`t find synfigXXXX.DLL and stop.
my OS is win2003 and GTK+、GTKMM is alrealdy install.

win2003? Windows Server 2003? I think that you’re the first one that tries to install Synfig on that operating system!

Make sure you have both synfig and synfig studio installed. I haven’t tried Win Server 2003, so I can’t confirm if this is a bug or not.


Thank you very much for the reply.
Synfig install success in winXP.
and i have to say synfig is a great soft.