Can I edit the way point editor dialogue

Hello everyone I was watching the video update on synfig and it’s python scripts, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to edit the way the way point dialogue was , I would like to add the features of being able to box select way points, being able to delete them, and copy them and paste them, aswell as maybe scaling them.

the reason I ask is that in the tutorial it looked like you could only edit stuff in the canvas… and the layers

I know how to program in python and c++

If this is even possible, can someone please direct me to a link of the API.
tips and words of advice are welcome, I’ve never done anything like this, never contributed to an opensource project and never made a plugin before, I’ve made games though in both c++ and python, and have a good knowledge as far as the actual languages go.


Yes, this is exactly like that.
The current plugins support is very primitive and it’s only possible to edit layers of active composition.

There is no real API here. Plugin is just a script that parses contents of current synfig file (Synfig file is a text/xml). You can read some documentation here -

hello and welcome here,

actually there is no api, the synfig plugins work directly on the project (xml) file. Save a project in .sif (no compressed file format) and take a look inside it.

So yes, you can remove all waypoint from a plugins. But has there is no API you can’t really interactively choose what the plugin will change.

I think of two way to bypass this problem,

  • adding an user interface in the plugins displaying the waypoints
  • using the layer name, to pass info to your plugins

But this is not a very easy way for all the things your are talking about.

Also, this thread can interest you : Waypoints … what could be the future of…?

Yes, thankyou for your replies, I think I will place a request on the bounty source website when I have some money, because this seemed too hard for me to do.


Yes that is very interesting, having these implemented would be incredible, it sounds like everything I want plus more, is there a way that I could donate money to this, is it already an issue on the bounty source website, or should I still make my own?

Gave a quick try at enabling box select (called rubber banding in GTK) in timetrack panel but it is not working very well. The timetrack has it’s own way of handling mouse input which seems to interfere with GTK’s own box select implementation. Also I’m not sure if there’s a way to get the actual selected box in a tree view widget (can only get the selected rows).

Will probably need to implement some custom solution instead.

There’s no bounty yet for it (there’s only bounty ittems two currently)

Thankyou I think I will have a crack at it aswell I reckon, I probably have more time to dedicate to this than you c:

Sure, go ahead. Take a look at the code for the Timetrack Dock dialog (synfig-studio/src/gui/docks/dock_timetrack.h and cpp files) and the respective cell renderer (synfig-studio/src/gui/cellrenderer/cellrenderer_timetrack.h).

It’s all implemented with GTK3 and gtkmm so for reference you can use:

Good luck and post your findings if you can (in the bug tracker preferably).

Made some trivial changes to enable GTK box selection in Timetrack panel:

Changes are still very green (waypoints do not get selected). Still it’s nice having the GTK draw the selection box for us, saves a bit of work.

Uploaded changes to my github: … box-select


Double awesome!

thanks for the sources and stuff.
I finally managed to actually build synfig from source, so I can start working on it.

oh and triple awesome :wink:

How is the status on box selection? Did you continue working on it? It would be very useful to have this huge timesaver…