Can I draw two images and let Synfig tween them?

I want to be able to draw an image, and skip ahead however many seconds I want and let Synfig fill the space in between the two images. How can I do this? I do not mean that I want to import images. I just want to draw them in Synfig. For example, if I drew a circle at one second and a square at two seconds, can Synfig make the circle morph into a square? Thanks so much for the help!

That’s what Synfig is designed for.
Please follow this tutorial and discover how to do that for any kind of animation.

I am familiar with this method of animation, but I was wondering if I could draw a character in one pose, and then draw him again in a second pose and have synfig fill in the in betweens. I mean that I don’t want to move the nodes around, but just draw the character again. For example I would like to draw a character standing and another hunched over and have synfig connect these. Is this possible? thanks again!

No, Synfig doesn’t do that.