Can a moderator render my work for me please?

I am using windows movie maker, and I have rendered my work into png pictures…I would like a moderator to make it into a video for me so I can have a best quality product , if that is possible of course.

Thanks in advance

It is 2m 27s and i would only like the video to be of good quality…and I would also like to be able to add sound using windows movie maker or another recommended video editor.



By the way…Why am i not notified by email when there is a reply to my topic? thanks

I use VirtualDub to convert high quality .png files in a video format. You can download it freely from here:
It’s very simple to use: you can drag all the .png pictures you rendered into the software’s window, then select “Video” -> “Framerate” and set your framerate. Then go in “File” and “Save as avi”. Your video is done.
Of course VirtualDub has a lot of other functions… that’s just the basic path to make a high quality video.
Virtualbub is a good option for Windows

Possibly you’ll receive the notification a few minutes later and only if you marked it like that in the first post.

I can’t thank you enough (both of you)…I will try the video editor you suggested.

:slight_smile: Leila

You’re welcome. :wink: