Build Synfig 1.0 on windows


Let me guess, you just quickly scan read my posts and just interpreting it as complaining? Missing all the important details of it no doubt. Cause if you do, then you should know that I do not have the time nor the luxury to FIX YOUR SHIT WHEN IT SHOULD BEEN FIXED YEARS AGO.

Apparently giving feedback and advise isn’t good enough for you, you expect others to fix it especially when the particular person is a developer. That there is called entitlement and you are not entitled to ANYTHING from him/her when that particular person criticized you. Your attitude when approaching this needs to stop now. You need to stop equating criticism with negativity, because it isn’t. It’s very important aspect to software development when that particular criticism is useful and informative on describing the problems that the particular person have with it.


Usage of “shit” to refer to Synfig project and “clown” to refer to their developers is not so positive man. :wink:
Please keep calm and contribute.
Respect the hard work of all the contributors.
Learn to criticize.
It is a general rule of free open source software: if something doesn’t fit your needs, change it. Think about it.
You’re free to open one specific thread relative to cmake migration discussion. Forums are yours.


I , he, we , they … know clearly what you are thinking… You like synfig so much that you can’t retain your emotion talking about it or about the people who dedicate their spare time to improve it.

Here, i could do the resume of the thousand of hours Genete, Zeldadis or others have already dedicate to Synfig … i will not do it, if you are curious, check github synfig stats’ … better i will put in perspective what you are actually doing.

I can say that you are at the third step of the web users (Benjamin Bayart / Minitel 2.0):

  • First, users buy something (some stuff on ebay / provider subscribtion)
  • Then , they read something somewhere
  • Third, complain (french are good at that step… )
  • Fourth they construct their comments,
  • Five they post / publish / contribute …,
  • Six, finally … moderation of others.

Please don’t wait another moderator come to this thread (and maybe warn or kick you) … to move up from the complain step to the construct one … you are not so far.

Imagine a world where the ones who take the time to complains use this same amount of time to construct ???!!!


How in god’s name did you get the idea? I do. not. care about synfig status at this point of time. Your projection fails horribility on you.

I do not care about that ether. Did you know that a person’s commit history can be fabricated on github? I wouldn’t use it as a resume for that reason alone.

I don’t care about that webpage either. I care about arguments.

Oh now you are reverting to censorship now!? Simply because you can’t handle other people criticism!? Is this how you respond to developers and users?

I prefer to work in reality, and not someone’s imaginary place thank you.


Wrong, thanks for conforming that you didn’t read my post in depth.

Your entitlement attitude makes it difficult for me to remain calm.

Learn to handle criticism.

Or use something else that works. Again your entitlement really needs to stop.


I’m going to lock this thread.
Please open your own thread and present there your complains/arguments.
Current moderators of the forums are occupied with more important things than debate about attitudes.