Bug with "applying default color"


When having multiple layers selected (say some circles and rectangles)
and selecting their “shared” color parameter, the popup menu doesn’t
show the “Apply Default Color” menu entry. However, with a single
selected layer it does. Has anybody else seen this? This is with the
current HEAD version (r2324).


It never has appeared. Maybe this is a feature request more than a bug.
I obtain:

Edit Interpolation

Anyway, double click on the parameter and change its value changes all them, isn’t it?


It just seems odd that it is there with one layer and not with mutiple. Since I cannot think of a good reason for this behavior, I’ll keep calling it a bug (if you don’t mind). :smiley:

Yes, it does no complaints there…

While playing around with the color interface I noticed that the Gradient Editor has a “Set as Default” button, while Colors “Edtor” has not. This I’ll call a feature request! :laughing: