Bug or text activation problem?

I’m a newcomer to the trade. I’m trying to design a title for a video. In animation mode I have created two keyframes at 0s and at 1 s. With keyframe 0s elected I write a text and move it into the desired position. I also set the value for ‘amount’ to 0. When I select the keyframe 1 s the text has shifted back to the original position were it was before I moved it into the wanted position. Did I do anything wrong?


What you see is an expected behavior.
Synfig locks previous and future keyframes by default:
See these icons that look like padlocks with arrows? They manage the keyframe-locking scheme.

So, let’s say, you have a circle layer and the following keyframes:
0s 1s 2s
If you enter animation mode and change origin’s value of a, say, circle layer to “1” at 1s, then values at 0s (previous keyframe) and 2s (future keyframe) will be set to 0 automatically (initial origin value of a circle layer), therefore, “locking it”.

In your case, you changed position at “0s” and Synfig changed it back at “1s” (future keyframe locking).

Thanks for your help?So if I want text to appear at a desired position without latteral or vertical motion while emerging I need to make sure that I set the position of the text while it is not shown yet, right?

Pretty much. And be sure to do it in ‘edit’ mode, not in ‘animation’ mode (when you click on ‘green guy’ icon).
Think of edit mode as setting the initial parameters of your scene and animation mode as a deviation from that initial state.

To discard all the changes you made in animation mode, right click on the needed parameter in the layer panel (e.g. origin) and select ‘Disconnect’ from the drop-down menu.

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Thanks a lot for your help! It sounds all the logical and self understood.