Break Time Loop

Hi guys,

I’ve got an animation for over 4000 frames, a crazy explanation of cell nutrition in a dog. So far I didn’t need to break my loops (tho I’ve used them many times).
I thought I knew I to use this fantastic tool.

  • I was wrong -

I’ve seen tutorials and the wiki and the ‘How do I’ page, but I can’t get my head round it.
Can anyone please help me to break a loop? Even easier, I’m happy to stop the whole animation altogether for a few frames while I explain something else (new animation moving on top).

Any youtube tutorial?

Thanks in advance, you guys had been fantastic!

Set the Duration of the time loop layer to zero with a constant waypoint in the time you need to stop it.

When you want to recover the loop, set the Duration to the original value.

If you need a practical example… just shout. : )

Brilliant, that worked like a charm!

Only issue is… when Duration = 0, my item dissapears and appears at the beggining of the loop. I guess I can just translocate it by changing the origin.
But… is there a smarter way to do this?
I mean, as soon as the loop breaks… for my object to stay still there, not at other point of the loop.

Then when I recover the loop, it will be recovered at the frame where it would’ve been if the loop never broke. What I would want is for the object that I have stopped, to continue moving in the loop from where I stopped it.

Thank you!!!
You also helped me to understand the layer better too!

I think I figured it out! Wow!

The same as changing duration = 0 while in Animation mode and setting it to constant… (the effect of this is pausing the loop on the first frame of the loop = link time)

To keep the object there, I can change link time to a frame where the object is where I want it to be … (same as above, set to constant while animation mode and change link time)

I’ll let you know if worked! :wink:

It worked!!!