Brand new to Synfig

Hi all! I’m brand new to Synfig as of two days ago having found it googling “open source 2d animation”. I like what I’ve seen so far. Whoever you folks are responsible for this program, great job!

There’s always room to make something great even better so I’ll be chiming in on occasion with thoughts for improvements. As I’m an animator and not a programmer I won’t be able to jump in to implement any of the ideas I may bring to the table but hope my perspective as an artist using the program will be helpful all the same. BTW, I’m using it on a Mac and found the download and install went smoothly.


welcome on board, glad to hear you like the software :slight_smile: I fully agree with you that there are so many rooms we can improve, and your ideas will be helpful I am sure.

Hi gregster_p, welcome to the forums.

Please, can you submit your Mac specifications? We need to remove the bad support we had in the past for the Mac version and the more people report successfully install, the better.


Sorry about the slow response, G. I got distracted by the giraffe walking around outside my window. jk! :slight_smile:
Where would be the best place for me to post my Mac specs, here or in one of the other threads?

In its corresponding thread.

Ok, thanks.