BOUNTY finalized episode 1

i finally finalized the first episode of my anime style animation… …

feel free to comment…im excited with the new version of synfig!.

ill be uploading some of the files (.sif) soon if i have some time… Cheers!

Great one!! :smiley: Already liked it on Youtube.
And also, if you can please upload the ones that has the hair moving in it :slight_smile:

I really need to know how to make one and i have no idea what to do with the strands T_T
I mean, i know it has something to do with z depth (i guess), but i still confused :confused:

I wanted to write some critique… But hell, no. Your work is amazing! Wish I could do something nearly as cool as your animation.

Next one will involve a fighting scene, I guess? Well, that’ll be hard to make.

Keep it up!

ahahaha.yeah…thanks a lot! …you guessed it right ! fighting scene…totally a very hard challenge…

vanchatto > very nice result ! at the level of the preview :wink:

Could be very instructive if you want/can share experience you have in animating with synfig! writing some pieces of tutorial / recording speed animating …

Awesome! Looks like you spent almost a year on this animation, right?
That’s a lot of effort. You’re great!

yeah almost a year…learning and testing.hahaha…yeah…but i do not have that enuf time to do the animation stuff seriously …im saying that im just stealing time betweeen my classes and studies…but yeah…i have spent a lot of time but i enjoyed it!..^^…maybe soon i can post some stuff about my experiences about animating with synfig…^^ cheers