Bonty Chapter 1 (the missing ones) clips

here are some clips to my new bounty animations…^^

Very nice!

Light and shadow are really good in this one. Can’t wait for the full part!

Minor note: Backgrounds (00:08 secs) taken from real life are always looks bad in animation (especially in anime). It’s IMHO of course, but I would personally avoid it. Better draw more simple backgrounds (you can use real ones as a reference), but in the same style as animation.

I beg to differ. It has to be used well though. The problem is it gives an impression of still life and non interactivity. Not completely suitable for anime for that reason.
Archer uses this technique exclusively.

Thanks for sharing vanchatto. Keep it up :smiley:

thanks for the comments guys…yes i totally agree ,as for the 0:08 background i have to correct it so that it would blend well, but its not a photo from real life its a rendered image in sketch-up 3D…tho it look like a real one…thanks