Bones / Skeletal Movement not creating a keyframe


I am trying to do a character animation with bones by I cannot get the bone movement to create a key at the selected frame, what am I missing? Can I add a key manually?


Did you enabled “Edit mode”?
The canvas workarea should be surrounded by a red thick frame.

Yep, it does work if I move an object around the canvas, just moving a bone doesn´t create a key.

It’s an expected behavior. You always create keyframes manually. Think of them as just marks on the timeline. On the other hand, waypoints are created automatically when you’re in edit mode.

Okay, found out how to now. I was trying to click/drag/insert in the timelime :wink: (too used to video editing I guess…)

EDIT: Hmm maybe not, this is too confusing. I just dont get it. I can set them manually if I use a star shape as an example and move/scale that around but, I can even “add a waypoint” but not with bones.

I don´t get the logic about that, any tutorial about this online?

EDIT2: I assume this doesn´t yet work for the timeline? It isn´t part of this tutorial:

Okay certainly this had something todo with my file or the way I imported the sif from inkscape. I redid everything and now it works. sigh… that was a long road :wink: