Bones issue

Can you write me, where i make a mistake in this video:

and in this video:

I think, that issue is clear. I want to rotate with character, but in case 1, there is working only a part of hand, and in case 2, there eyea and some other stuff don’t rotate correctly with body of character.


In the first video you don’t have to set the range of the bones because you attach the vertex manually. (setting the influence of the bones is only useful with skeleton deformation) When you select all vertex and then ctrl-select the bone use link to bone instead of link to skeleton.
Did not have time to watch the second vid yet.

thanks, really, I don’t have to set the range of the bones.
There is video 3, where I proceeded as you write me:

BUT there is same problem as in video 2. Can you (or anybody) help me? If you want, I can send you my character file from synfig.

I made video 4:

There is similar problem. I want to rotate a line. But line move too…PLEASE HEEEELP! :frowning:

You probably made some copies that got disrupted, but to know for sure pls attach the .sif file of your Spongebob scene so I can have a look.
Also state the verion of Synfig that you are using and on what platform.

there is spongebob without bone:

And there is spongebob with bone:

I try it on 2 PC:
windows XP and windows Vista. (both 32 bit OS)
Version of synfig is:
on windows XP: 1.0.2
on windows Vista: 0.64.1
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I drew the eyes again and also all the greenish spots on his body and it appears to work. You probably made copies of the spots and also of the eyes. When you make copies and use bones I guess that Synfig uses references of the original drawing when it rotates the copie attached to a bone. Don’t know if it is a bug or something occuring on windows only. Try to never use copies in a character but only original drawings. So in case of this spongebob: draw all the spots one by one instead of drawing one and duplicating it. If you have to draw two eyes then draw two eyes instead of drawing one and duplicating it. It sucks but that is what I do with all my characters. I attached a working file. You will see that the freckles on his cheeks are still faulty. I did not change those. I guess that those are copies too.
spongebob2.sifz (42.5 KB)

It really work! :slight_smile: Thank for your help (and patience)! :slight_smile:
You are right, I really duplicate some stuffs.
THANKS!! :slight_smile: