Bones GUI documentation link

Here is a link to the documentation included in the code with the bones branch. It is useful for future bones BUI development as well as for bones user information: … es_gui.txt


thanks Genete, I am going to have a look and try to understand the bone system of synfig.

hi Genete, are you about to document Synfig core part of Synfig bone system?

Not in a short term, I think.

some hints by Genete for those who don’t read

Hi Genete,

I am trying to followup your documents and hints to understand the bone system. And I can not figure out the usage of below parameter “Name”. Is it just a name as layer name?

Parameter name				Type				GUI Interface			Param Interface
--------------				----				-------------			---------------
Name						String				<none>			Edit string input

IIRC it hasn’t other functionality.