Bone testing file

we are back to work on bones development for Synfig!
The current branch is here: … nete_bones

Here a sample file to load and play with:
hand.sifz (12.1 KB)

And this is the video of the animation:

Please feed back!!


Fantastic Genete! (Haven’t tried that build yet though…)

We will release a binary of the bones branch just after the release of 0.62.02. Maybe at the same time during the RC series release.
There is needed also to write down a basic information on how to use that branch because there are some hidden features that are not obvious.
Let’s take a pill of patience and enjoy the good Synfig momentum! :slight_smile:

awesome, do we need a BONE icon for this amazing feature. :mrgreen:

back to bones! it’s been quite long since i posted something i guess, at least i feel it that way, it’s good to see some good news


…Okay maybe that’s the wrong meaning I imagined, but that feature kicks ass! Someone’s gotta make a South Park/Simpsons Parody! :open_mouth:


Je n’arrive pas à ouvrir le fichier « hand.sifz ». Voici le message d’erreur que Synfig me donne :
(I can not open the file “hand.sifz”. Here is the error message that gives me Synfig:)


Unable to load “C:\hand.sifz”:

Que dois-je faire ? Voici la version que j’utilise : Synfig Studio 0.62.01 pour Windows. Merci d’avance pour vos réponses.
(What should I do? Here is the version I use: Synfig Studio 0.62.01 pour Windows. Thank you in advance for your answers.)


Bones is still a development feature, and it hasn’t yet made it into a release. A future development version may contain Bones, but at the moment the only way to test it out is by compiling Synfig yourself.

Sorry to disappoint.

Merci Nikitakit.
(Thank you Nikitakit)