Bone-like movement?

i’m playing a bit with Synfig, i checked ‘Cut-out Animation’ tutorial because it gives an example of bone-like movement, as far as i know at the moment, green ducks are some sort of pivots… by the way, is there any way to move them to center them into the object? i had to to move all the ducks to fit the green one as a pivot and it toke me more time than only being able to move the green into the whole shape, i couldn’t find a way to move it. Well, as i was saying, i want to animate a leg

My first toughs were that if green ducks are pivots, then it would be as easy as just set the ‘shoe’ object as a children object of the ‘leg’ object but wasn’t that easy, am i missing something? most like i’m not doing it right

Synfig doesn’t support bones (yet - genete’s working on it in his spare time :slight_smile: )
You can get a similar effect using techniques like the cutout tutorial, but Synfig itself doesn’t have the inverse kinematics to calculate where the bones should be.

No. Green ducks are the origin of the shape. All the ducks of the shape definition are relative to that duck (called Origin). If you move the origin you move all the shape. To center your shape you have to do it in the opposite way. Move the vertices to set them around the origin. Then translate the origin to the correct place.

I know that it is boring but it is the way it works.
Maybe it is worth to create an action that do the two steps in one click. Write a feature request. :wink:


Well that is certainly good to read, i saw the request wrote some months ago so that’s why i was looking at some other method while bones see the light (man, if Genete can integrate ‘bone’ function in Synfig, will definitely surpass anime studio) and that’s why i tough that the green duck was actually a pivot.

ye, that’s what my first idea was, using pivots like if they were nails keeping together two planks, i don’t mind at all simulate the physics by my own, but keep the body parts in place would be really useful for characters.

That’s the downside of being used in standard animation software, pivot function are common this days in any of them, that’s why i tough that the green ones would be actually the pivot of any object in Synfig

Not boring (who can get bored with that level of detail on object functions!?), but certainly makes me think in different techniques XD

I’m on my way (have someone worried about pivots before?)

yeah, I’ve been wanting a feature to re-centre the origin duck without moving the rest if it… I second that motion