BobGodfreyFan says 'Hello'

Hi all.

Am thinking of giving Synfig another try (if I can remember the sequence that I have to use for installing the four components). I tried it awhile ago and didn’t like the ‘floating’ layout of the GUI so I deleted the lot. Almost all my playing around with animation has been based on Artoonix (Over 170 Youtube uploads) and although I like it a lot, I’m looking for a bit more as regards drawing tools and few more advanced features.

Being retired, I now have time to explore and develop my interests, so Synfig might, after all, provide another avenue for diversion and discovery.

Welcome (back)! I have happy memories of watching Roobarb on TV after coming home from school… Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing your art!


Thanks Chris. I’ve now re-installed Synfig but am sure I have a LONG way to go before I feel happy with the GUI. I’ll be watching as many intro’s and tutorials as I can find on Youtube to see if I can get the hang of it. The one thing that will hopefully keep me going is the wide range of ways in which it can be used, as exemplified in the demos and samples that I’ve seen.

As for Bob Godfrey - I always liked his ‘marker pen’ style as used in ‘Roobarb and Custard’ and ‘Henry’s Cat’. not to mention his more traditional work such as 'Henry 9 ‘til 5’, ‘Great’ and ‘Kama Sutra Rides Again’.

One of my all-time favourite books is his ‘The do-it-yourself film animation book’ which I originally bought when it was published by the BBC to accompany an associated TV series. I still dip into it quite often so if anyone finds a copy in a car boot or a secondhand bookshop I strongly advise you to get it. It’s not large in size but is HUGE in terms of quality content.

Another book I’d recommend is Richard Williams’ ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ which is probably THE book to get. (Currently some good deals on Amazon).

Welcome BGFan!.
I’m sure you’ll end loving Synfig. :wink:
Show us your progresses as they come!