blank bar above and below animation after rendering finished

Hey guys!

I´m trying to animate a scene were the scene zoom in towards the “camera”.

A blank bar appears above and below the scene after I render the animation.

is there a way to get the blank bars to disappear and get the scene to fill the entire view before the zoom effect starts?

Can you render a single frame with the problem?
I guess that you’re using a document settings with an aspect ratio not supported by the render target 4:3 so black bars appear, but I can’t understand the problem unless you give us more details or a sample sifz file.

What I meant was that the two blank bars only appear at the beginning of the rendered clip. They then disappear when the starts scene zooms in.

this happens because I set the scenes content to zoom.

Isn’t it any way of making this zoom effect without getting the two blank bars?

here’s a screenshot of the rendered clip


I found the problem… solved it… thanks any way :slight_smile:

Please, return your experience with the other forum members so anyone that might have the same problem than you, can solve it easily.

I just changed the zoom size from 0 to 0.25 at the frame located at 0.0f