Best way for introducing a delay in one instance of an exported canvas


I’m trying to get familiar with exported canvases, so I’ve just made a little animation with two paper dolls jumping three times each.

I have exported canvases for OneEye and OneLeg (no timelines), OnePaperDoll (1s animation, moving legs) and OneJump (1s animation, the doll jumping).

In the main canvas, 5s long, I’ve put two instances of OneJump (DollJump1 & DollJump2), both affected by a 2s long Time Loop.

The result: both dolls jump at the same time, three times.

I’d like to delay the 2nd doll animation 1s. I’m looking for the best way to do it, ie the most simple that keeps everything else linked. Ideas?

Moreover: I haven’t been able to rename the exported canvases from inside Synfig Studio. I’ve been double-clicking and right-clicking the original names in a number of places, including the Canvas Browser & the Library… but no way!

Finally, any advice regarding organization of the final animation will be greatly appreciated. For instance, all exported canvases are direct children of the main canvas. Is it OK? Should they be more hierarchically organized? And the jump animation is distributed between OnePaperDoll (legs moving wrt the rest of the doll) and OneJump (the whole doll moving up & down). That’s not very clean, is it?

jump.sifz (2.57 KB)

Off Set Time parameter should do the work but for some reason it seems to not work in your example.
Looks like a bug to me.


I attach a simplified version (with circles) here and open a bug report.
simplified.sifz (1.45 KB)

“Time Offset not working properly when trying to apply different ones to different instances of the same exported canvas”: