bellydance with Synfig

I am trying to teach bellydance with a character made by Synfig. Here are my works so far:

Interesting. Good luck with your project.

nice result … did you use the skeleton layer ? , loop layer ? , link value ? , kind of mirror effect ?

Thank you!

Thank you! No I didnt use skeleton. I am quite new with Synfig. However, I thought of using the skeleton at first, but the move didnt appear like a real bellydance move that it must be. The reason is that the move is not just created by moving the bones, but also stretching or contracting the muscles.
I didnt use the loop as well becsuse eventhough the move is repeated, I changed slightly other parts like facial expression for a more natural look.
The link I didnt use too. I used mirror in the snake arm video only.
Again, It is not yet a month that I started learn animation. I dont know if there are other features in Synfig that can make my video making easier. I hope that I learn while I am working.

The character looks so cute! I really like that you gave her some emotions and all those minor movements. Great work!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wow… I was seen some of these videos and after seen these videos I have come to know you done a great job. Remaining videos is bookmarked

Thanks! It’s nice of you. It encourages me for a better job.