Belifilmaker Layout proposal

I’ve just read this entry in the wish list and it looks great!
Apart of the lack of developers and the complexity of the proposal, anyone has any opinion on that?
Can it be a target for the GUI rework? If only we can achieve a 30% of his proposals it would be awesome!


Now that’s a huge feature that will greatly improve synfig!


It looks okay, although I’m not sure I understood every suggestion. I disagree, however, with the placement of the navigation buttons (goto begin, end, next/previous frame/second/keyframe, play, stop) in the parameters panel. I think it’s more appropriate to place these either on the canvas window or in the timeline panel.


Hello I writing right now :slight_smile: !
The reason is to ask one thing of its kind
44 AVI Backgrounds
But more than a fund would be better than Avi frames in JPEG and / or Png (ie .00001. Jpg, 0002.jpg, 0003.jpg creabili by un’Avi in Avidemux!) They are also more corregir Gimp, but you want a command to scroll through the frames in the bottom even in the parameters!
A second thing that annoyed me and I do not know if there is mentioned is:
If you add a summit after many keys it will change the shape of the curve that we saw previously, this can not be prevented?
I do not know if I explained … if I make a motion that creates a cure after 10 frames and add in the summit (Item) in the middle of the curve and even the port at the center and from this time frames from 1 to 10 will have changed shape and the apex (Item) avra transported the path toward the center while the other vertices are moving around! this is ugly …

There are several types of waypoints. TCB waypoints interpolates the parameter according to the standard Tension Control Bias parameters. If you want to have different curve behavior you have to use different types of waypoints: TCB, Ease In/Out, Linear, Constant. Read this for further information.

Regarding to the rest of your post, I don’t understand properly what do you want, need or ask. Please rewrite it step by step. If they are not related to the aim of the thread, please open a new thread and ask your particular questions there. I’ll be glad to help you as much as possible.
Post visual examples if it is possible.

I created the post for the first question: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=413
For the second question, was the keyframes that allows you to add and remove items as you wish (I used only Animate and Timetrack)
… I wanted to say a real camera, but I saw that there and move and Zoom going well!
Since I’m: How about that power so many duplicate keys Timetrack?