Beginners question on use of Animation in web site build.

Hi all,
My name’s Ant and I have been teaching myself web design/dev for the last 6 months or so, I am looking into animation as part of web design projects. So specifically for this purpose, how does Synfig fare? I have to say that I am commited to open source software and have already downloaded Gimpshop, Inkscape and Blender for graphic purposes in building a site, however due to Flash’s domination ebbing, I feel there is a hole for simple animations in a web site build.
The questions I have are, does Synfig work well across different browsers, and specifically does it work with Apple, like Flash doesn’t?
Or is CSS3 animations the best way forward?
I just want to spice my websites up a bit, and give them something extra, with the use of animations, and with something that can work across all devices.
Also which format do Synfig applications save as, in terms of importing them into your site?
Thanks in advance, and thanks for your commitment to open source.

Hi antpower26! welcome to the forums!
Unfortunately there is not swf export from Synfig yet. You can export to animated gif for classical animated integration into any website. Strongly recommended export using magick++ target.
There is the alternative of use javascript. See an example here:
Finally, Synfig can produce any kind of raster video which embedding in the browser only depends on the browser itself.