basic video editing


I use Windows Vista.

Can someone recommend basic, open source, video editing software? At this early stage, all I want to do is render my Synfig animation into a series of pgn files, and turn them into a video; prefererably flash, but also .avi and .mpg

From reading other posts, I get the impression that this is the best way to create videos. “The best results comes from a png sequence and its composition in an external video editor.”

I have heard about “Blender” but that looks like much more than I need at the moment.

Actually, for a Windows user who doesn’t want to buy a proprietary editor, I think Blender is your best bet. You’ll only be using the Video Sequence Editor (VSE) part of the program, so it’s not like you’ll have to learn 3D animation and all that to use it. I think people either don’t realize how good the Blender VSE is or they feel intimidated by the fact that it’s part of a larger, seemingly complicated program. I know I put off giving it a try for a while because I thought it might be too difficult to master (and I’m a guy who’s used Cinelerra on Ubuntu for crying out loud!), but once I tried it - with the help of some online tutorials at and elsewhere - it was dead simple to understand. Importing image sequences is easy, as is arranging them on the time line. You can even apply transitions and other effects and sync the whole thing to sound. (I believe Windows users have to install ffmpeg in addition to Blender for sound to work. See the notes on the Blender download page or google blender/windows/sound.)

At any rate, once you get over a fairly small learning hump and get started with it, I think you’ll find it works beautifully for getting animations in a form that can be uploaded to the web.


Thanks a lot, Matt. I’ll give it a go and tell you how I get on.

I hope you end up liking it. The one extra thing you may want to look at as far as tutorials would be the basic user interface tutorial(s). Blender has some UI conventions that are odd at first when compared to most other programs. (In fact, I’d bet this aspect of Blender is the source of much of - if not most of - the difficulty some people run into when learning the program.) Once you learn Blender’s UI approach, however, it turns out to be a real efficiency booster for most people (though some continue to hate it). It could be frustrating for you if you skip this step and go right to the VSE tutorials, so I’d do a basic Blender interface tutorial and then hit the VSE stuff.

Hope it works out for you.