Ball joint style construction

Simple solution to masking the lines of two intersecting shapes. use a circle of same color no region or outline layer. circle must cover intersecting lines and be above both shapes in layers. Rotation ducks origins are close to origins of the circles. linking them are optional and needs some tweaking of position when done. here is a leg I constructed using this method.

This remind me of ball joint doll construction. More accurately its circle mask with rotation.

Four rotation ducks, the top  (but) rotates the entire leg. thigh and knee rotations bend the leg Foot rotation rotates foot.

Theres a few other things like shade and highlights included in the leg that give it a 2 1/2d ish like appearance.
Heres the file more could be learned from it than could be covered in one post.
NEWleg 2.5 d-ish.sifz (4.43 KB)
Inspect with it. modify and use it in your characters.
looking forward to your replies

Quite good and interesting rig! it works very well!

How do you get that Rotation Layer to happen? Thanks so much for posting this!


Sorry for the silly question! I see that it’s the whole rigging.


Ahhh! :open_mouth: now I understand why there are rotation layers! (I am new)