AVI surface?

I wonder if it is possible to import avi to the project. At least video part. I’d like use Synfig to montage my videos to achieve advanced fx like cloning people or seamlessly add 3d objects to real film using blend modes.

Of course Shitobe After Effects aren’t good choice for me because of its price and fact it won’t probably work under Wine.

Yes it is possible. Just use File->Import and select an avi file. There are problems when scrubbing the timeline (it seeks form the start each time you move the time cursor, so just click where you want to move to, don’t click and drag or it will spend some time until it responds)
It uses ffmpeg importer libraries so it could not work for windows if it doesn’t include the ffmpeg executable.

Ffmpeg is bundled by default for windows, but it can be deselected during installation if you don’t want to use it (although I can’t imagine why you’d want to…)