Audio waveform display stopped working (v 1.4)

Downloaded and have been using Synfig 1.4 appimage with great success using the waveform display. The display has stopped displaying the waveform. I have tried restarting Synfig, restarting my computer, and imported a wave file into a blank .sif file. Waveform is a no show.

I’m using KDE neon 5.20 and have been having some “forgetting” problems with it (settings). Is there anything I could look for in neon? PS, I did do the integration thing when asked. (I’m posting on neon forum too).

Did you try with different audio files?
Maybe one is not supported.


As mush as it is useful to report bugs (for the most recent versions of course), please check first in the forums and GitHub issues if it has not been reported previously.
These tools are meant to share new reports and consult the already known ones :wink:

Sorry about that. I’ll do better next time. I just figured it was neon at fault.