Audio Synchronization Issue

Hello! :smiley: I’m new to the forum and I seem to have a bit of an issue when I’m trying to merge both the audio and the video using avconv. Whenever I run the command

avconv -r 24 -i render/music_sync_tutorial.%04d.png -i music_sync_tutorial.ogg -c:a copy music_sync_tutorial.mp4

I get this as an output

[image2 @ 0x2a37160] Could not find codec parameters (Video: [0][0][0][0] / 0x0000)
render/music_sync_tutorial.%04d.png: could not find codec parameters

Has anybody else had this issue? And if so, do you know how I can fix this?

Hello Nickolese and welcome here …

Maybe you forgot the codec for video … ( -c:v mycodec ) ? You will found more info and help from ffmpeg or avconv doc’.

Also since synfig 1.0 you can export a clip with audio directly using the sound layer

Hi! As far as I know rendering an animation together with the sound layer is not possible yet.

You are totally right ! I wrote before have tested !

Maybe ask for help on avconv forums/mailing lists? … ery=avconv