Audio not supported?

Hi, I just rendered my first animation. Unfortunately the result doesn’t has sound… I’ve read on the internet that sound wasn’t supported. Is this still the case?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,
unfortunately sound rendering is still not included.
You can still use Blender or any other non-linear video editor to integrate the sound.
One day maybe :slight_smile:

Even I am also facing the same problem is there no solution to this? :frowning:

Hi, I am on Fedora 27 running synfig 1.2.1 - is there still no audio?
I can compile the dev version if it is present there.


Hi, I’ve actually just installed the development snapshot appimage and sound is working fine. Many thanks, and I’ll look forward to the stable release in the Fedora repos!

I work in linux. It’s a pretty simple operation to put sight and sound together in kdenlive. I’ll be glad to write instructions for anyone wanting them. :smiley:

In what version was audio supported?

Audio is only supported in Linux with Jack, but it is not the recommended way to add sound


Hummm…I’ll have to dive into that article. I have Synfig on my Linux and Windows computers. I guess Papagayo isn’t going to work too well then. :open_mouth: