how do i attach stuff using bline tool and un attach

Before understand how to attach something to another something so the first one follows the second one when moved, you first have to learn two things:

  1. How to move things

  2. How to link values

  3. “Things” can be moved in sevaral ways in Synfig Studio:
    a) By modifying the values of all the points that define the “thing” so the points have a different coordinate in the 2D space.
    b) Some layers have a Offset (called Origin) that when modified translates all the content of the layer by the offset amount.
    c) Layers can be encapsulated in one special kind of layer called Paste Canvas layer that has a Origin Parameter, so if the involved layer doesn’t have a Origin just encapsulate it in a Paste Canvas layer and modif the Origin of it.
    d) There is a special layer called Translate that takes all the layers below it (at the scope of the root canvas or the paste canvas layer) and translates it according the Offset parameter.

  4. Values (layer parameters) can be linked. That means that they share the same value. If one is modified the other is modified too. Link two parameters can be esaily done by selecting the layers that have the two parameters, then select the two ducks that represent those parameter and right click and select “Link”.
    So if you select the origin of a layer (i.e. a circle layer) and select the vertex of a blinepoint of a bline (i.e. a Region layer) and right click -> Link, then you have linked two one layer to move when the other moves its vertex.


…hehehe im really new to making animation and on synfig so i dont quite undersatnd someof the part you say i move stuff by cliking the green buttong then it turn red and i put of 1s 2s 3s 4s 5s of the time or something so yeah how toattach again

Please read and do again the basic tutorials. I cannot explain it slower than how they are explained there: