Are onionskin and tile render broken?

I’m recently noticing strange things when onion skin is set on. To trigger them just press repeatedly the next frame button to advance one frame quickly. Check on the attached sample file.
onion-circle.sifz (833 Bytes)

  1. If onion skin is set “on” but there is not onion past or future then there are trailing ghost copies of the image one frame back each one.
  2. If there are onion skin past or future then the there are missing tiles on some onion renders plus the effect mentioned before.

    Did anyone noticed this before? Does anyone use the onionskin?

Good news,
the patch provided to fix a crash on Ubuntu 12.04 was wrong. After fix the patch on a Ubnutu 12.04 virtual machine I’ve tested that it doesn’t crash neither leaves trailing ghosts or missing tiles.

I’ll apply to master branch.