April '09 Challenge - An Animated Flower/Plant


I know, I know, I’m late posting this month’s challenge, but if you’ve been on the IRC channel or checking the logs, you’ll know that this month’s challenge is to animate a flower or plant. So whether you want to do a plant made from shapes, like rore’s tutorial, or play with the plant layer, it’s all good!

Here’s a link to rore’s tutorial to get you started - synfig.org/Flower_Animation
And here’s the video version of the tutorial - synfig.org/Video_Tutorials#Flower_Animation



Still don’t understand how does youtube work…


Yop here’s my contribution for this one ^^.
OmPlant.sifz (12.9 KB)


Nice one Animtim. But, the final shape of the plant is intentional? I see Mikey Mouse profile there :wink:


Mickey mouse? It’s an Om! Aum? Whatever :slight_smile: ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aum )
Nice use of the plant layer Animtim;

And your flower field is nice too genete.

(Hm, how many days in april? 35 at least?)


Right on time! phew

Well ok, in the end I completely forgot about slowing of the animation as I intended to. Well, as it’s a gif, maybe it’s better, so it’s not too big.


rore, that’s outstanding! almost perfect!


I don’t say it often but here I can’t help sayin : lol
(nothing more to add to Rore answer, I wouldn’t explain it better than the wiki’ link :wink: )

I forgot to say Genete your animation is cool, very cute.
And Rore’s rose is BEAUTIFULL , excellent work !!!


Have a late one from me - youtube.com/watch?v=Qrg-TvSegbo

A ‘time lapse’ shot of ivy growing up a wall.


Beautiful anim pixelgeek! Some great entries this month.


Wow, excellent pixelgeek :slight_smile: I like a lot the idea there.


Nice one Pixelgeek!
And the wall is funny, great composition!


Good one pixelgeek!
But, the final shape of the plant is intentional? I see Mikey Mouse profile there :wink:


I’m sorry because it’s too late , well I just realize it’s may. so it’s a quickly one day animation
I don’t wanna explain what’s the story about.
by the way here in Peru the money is the new sun.



That was trippy! :smiley:

I enjoyed all of the entries in this challenge. Good job all around.