Application Not Opening

I’m trying to download the latest version (currently) for Windows, but it’s not working. Each time I try to open it, I agree to terms of service, go through the setup wizard, and it keeps saying I already have a previous version installed and that I should uninstall it-but I don’t have a previous version. Rather, when I tried uninstalling what was called a “previous version”, it uninstalled everything in my Synfig folder. This happened 3 times. I didn’t see a question like this, so I decided to post it. Help, guys?

When you start Synfig installer (version 1.0 RC3, right?) do you get a message asking you to uninstall previous version or you get an error after clicking ‘Install’ button? If second, then perhaps there are some errors with target folder’s permissions or some screwed settings in the registry.
For a test, try installing Synfig to a different location (e.g. C:\Synfig).