another new

My name is Garry, I just downloade synfig last night, but I have not yet
figured out how to use it, it seemed to install ok though.
I am just learning about animations, also some about programming,
these are my hobbies. I am a stone carver by trade.
Well nice to meet everyone.
from Garry
note (edit):
The links below, the first has a few animations I am working on,
this one, has some of my art work, and links to more paintings,and other things, related to my hobbies.
Bewtween the 2 that pretty much says everything about me, hope there is no problem, includeing the links. they are no commercial sites

Hi Garry,
Welcome to the forums. I have a question though: how are the links you attach related to animation? Second link doesn’t work.

Sorry about that, on the second one I edited it, it should work now,…Well there are a few of my first animations, on the one , witty witty,…and a dsicussion group on animations, the other is my web site, which, also has a few animations I did, but, it was intended,more as that is where I tell alot about me self,…instead of posting a long perhaps ,boreing introduction here… If that was wrong to include them I can remove them ? I didn’t mean any harm, and neither are commercial advertise ments, anyway thanks for asking, and like I said if there is a problem I can remove them, just let me know,…It is time for me to go to work now, so I have to run,…
I do have some questions about synfg, hopefully this evening I can ask them, I work some pretty long hours, 12+hours a day,and sometimes it is hard to find a chance to enjoy my hobbies (animation,art work, programming ),…by for now
from Garry

Welcome Garry! I hope you’ll like it here and find the forum helpful.
No problems with the links, it’s just that we’ve had quite a spam-problem here so we’re on our guard when newcomers posts links.

Ok, thats ok, I understand,…

, I am not very experienced, with some of these, but they are all things I am interested in, or learning more about, As a painter/artist, in one way I am experienced, but all, or practicaly all, was non computer art,…in 1998, I dropped out of computers, completely until just recently,…and computer art, is very much exciteing and intersting to me, especially the animation stuff,…but if anyone thinks of a way I can help , feel free to ask, I still have not had the chance to “browse” the forum, etc…I am going to now, Like I mentioned I have installed synfig, but it s more complicated then what I am used to, so I need to read up on instructions, or if I still have soemthing I don’t understand, find the appropriate place to ask the questions,…Thanks for the welcome,
that dose make me feel better,…
from Garry
P.S. Once I understand more about how synfig works, I might be able to do something with the newer versions under developement, and help with any bug reports, but right now I wouldn’t know if it was a bug, or just me not knowing how it works!

Hi Garry, feel comfortable reading the Manual (wiki) and take your time to learn, do the tutorials and enjoy Synfig. We will help you gladly.