Another new user "Hello Synfig people" post...

Hi All.

I’m not an entirely new user. I poked at Synfig some time back and was impressed, but never got to be any good with it…

Now I’ve got a manga style character doing backflips in my head and I need to learn this tool. So I’ll be lurking around the forum and wiki trying to absorb your many talents. :wink:

Synfig has come a long way since I played with it before. Kudos guys! Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the forums MochaMojito,
we would be pleased to see your progresses on dominate Synfig Studio!

I’m really no artist, but I am having fun with it.

That’s not really worth looking at…
maybe I should set “worth looking at” as my upload criteria. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply.

Have Fun!

Sure it is! I like it. You can draw really nicely. But they are looking away from eachother… like the opposite of cross eyed! lol. unnerving.

You’re wanting to do some cut out animation of your character?

Yeah :slight_smile: that’s my bad. I drew one eye then mirrored it. Then tweaked the mirror a bit so it didn’t look like a straight copy. Then the highlights popped out as being wrong so I reversed one to make them match, and I thought that looked good. :frowning:

This is probably one of my greatest hurdles to overcome. I pride myself on knowing what looks “right”, but I’m not real good at picking up on what’s obviously “wrong”. Thanks for your input, it’s spot on.

Just use copies of the same eyeball for both sides… I think.