Another First Animation

Hi Everyone,

Here’s my first completed Synfig Animation.

I created the video to go along with a live recorded track from a recent gig we had at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park supporting the Gin Blossoms. The gig sold out, and we had a number of people who were unable to get in. This formed the basis of the idea for the video.

Hope you enjoy! … L6JvyPwawM


Well done for the first animation. It had some funny moments :slight_smile:

The was very funny. The mobile phone could use some work and the security guard and the cleaner/sweeper in the end of the video should have had clothes. The ticket stand might need a graphics upgrade. Another thing I would have liked would have been if the live action crowd was vectored using inkscape and saved as SVG after which it would be converted to SIF using SIF exporter extension for Inkscape Ever taught of using kickstarter/indiegogo to improve the video?
By the way can you put your band’s music on Jamendo?
Did you use the windows or Linux version of Synfig?