Animatoonz Studio Workshop

Hi fellas!

I’m trying to setup an animation studio while I’m trying to learn Synfig Studio. My name is Abraham: I didn’t introduce myself before (sorry about that) because I started to post in the spanish section. My goal is to animate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 34th chants from Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece “The Divine Comedy” (just the first part: Hell). I’m currently finishing the 1st chant and you can se the animatic and a little demo here:

I’m a freelancer designer, illustrator and animator switching to open source software. I’ll be glad to share tips I learned and to learn from you. Thank you for this forum and thank you for :arrow_right: Synfig.

Cheers from México.

Nice idea! I’m looking forward to see the animation!


Very interesting project! Looking forward to see more results!