Animations in POC21 Open Source Hardware documentary

I used Synfig and Inkscape to make some animations for my documentary about POC21, which was a 5-week innovation camp for open source hardware projects focused on sustainability, located at Chateau de Millemont, near Paris.

The documentary aims to present POC21 as an example of open source and collaboration, as a method to solve some of our most pressing problems.

We have had multiple screenings in Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Brussels and we have more coming up soon in other cities around the world.
Watch or Download here:
Proof Of Concept: 100 Geeks, 5 Weeks, 1 Future
(59 min). The animations are at 0:00 and throughout a 1min section starting from 28:50. There are one or two other short animated graphics included in other places as well. French subtitles available, (click on CC) and we’re working on other languages at the moment.