Animation Seems "Glitchy"

I’m almost entirely new to animation and to Synfig. I downloaded it awhile ago and have finally begun experimenting with it. I worked through the animation basics tutorial ( All went well until I viewed my finished animation:

It seems very “glitchy.” The red circle flickers oddly as it moves across the screen. Are there any settings that I could adjust to get a better animation?

Looks pretty smooth to me… I’m not seeing any glitches?

Yes. Use FireFox or update your computer. Do you see all the animated gif images from this forum “glitchying”?

Genete, it looks the same to me in Firefox, and the flags in that forum look fine to me. My red circle just seems like the top and the bottom are out of sync or something. Does it really look smooth and correct to everyone else? Maybe my eyes are the problem…

I can see that “top and bottom out of sync” thing on some passes as the animation loops but not on others, so it’s not inherent in the animation. Maybe it’s just a monitor specific thing or some combination of monitor, graphics card, and how much else is going on with your computer at the moment?