Animation on a mac

Hi, I have been wanted to make 2D animated movies on my MacBook for a long time. So I downloaded Pencil, but it takes so long, and it’s too hard. So I tried to download synfig for mac, but I did’nt understand how to download!
Please help me, I wanna make movies for YouTube!


Current mac binaries comes from the Fink installer. See the download section.
Please contact Fink’s group to know how to install it on your mac. There are a couple of threads in the forum that might help you.


I’m not very good with Terminal and all build, command line stuff…

Could somebody give me a simple way to compile Synfig on a Mac? I read all topics on the Documentation pages, I tried a lot of time all the directives but I don’t be able to install the software on my computer…

Thanx a lot…

Hi, Yvanou.
I’ve installed Synfig on my Mac but I can’t install it on my macbook. (this is a problem of incompatibilities with Fink and Macports that I can’t solve). That’s for why I use Parallels on my macbook (I’ve installed Ubuntu in it, and Synfig works fine). This may be the solution if you can’t run Fink on your computer. But if you never installed macports, still trying Fink (but don’t use the terminal: download Finkcommander)
Hope that helps you. :smiley:

Hi Everyone,
I have Synfig working on my Mac (intel) and Fink installs and works fine. You just have to read about how to use Fink and installing synfig isn’t that bad.
Raphael: You have to uninstall MacPorts completely to use fink.
A giant space bug.

Hi, giantspacebug

I know, but I can’t do it. I tryed to unistall some months ago:
I eventually gave up. :frowning:
(and I don’t want to format it: I have a lot of information to save…)

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