Animation of a Amusing's Park Wheel


Another animation done with Synfig

Using mainly the duplicate layer, and the transformations of the group layer. Begining to lean how to use those parameter convertions.
Converted to gif using the magick++ option in rendering. But I have to say that the drawing of the structure of the wheel was done in Inkscape and later imported to Synfig, where final edition was done. Inkscape has better options for aligning and snaping objects.

Any comment or critic is welcome.

Nicely done! :smiley:

I’m curious about how you used duplicate layer, could you post SIFZ file?

Hello, thanks for your words!

About the SIFZ file: For this time, I prefer to do that via Private Message, but this forum doesn’t allow me, or I don’t see the option.

What can I say? The duplicate layer was used for rendering the capsules at the end of the wheel’s arms.
A lot of test-error-tryagain was done in order of positioning the groups and using the adequate parameter.