Animation not as smooth as expected


I started with animation a few months ago.

After the tutorials i sucsefully managed to create 2 animations bur ran into a strange phenomena on my third one.

I observed that when plaing back the animation it seemed like all changes were in the last frame before the next keyframe. I wanted a smooth animation between 2 keyframes. For this i chose the clamped option.

Thinking i F*** U* somthing somwhere i started over. Same result. Consulted the manual and started over again. Another similar result.

I then noticed some strange readings on the animation graphs.

If i read the manual correctly this shouldnt be possible at all. I found out to fix this i just can delete the animation point. It will get recreated and replaced with a correct one. So it is not a show stopping issue.

If anyone can enlighten me on what is exactly happening here i might be able to avoid running in to this issue. Is it me doing somthing the wrong way around or is this software related.

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on from your description, but it looks like there might be some extra waypoints placed 1 frame before the keyframes in question. Try zooming in on your timeline to look for any unwanted waypoints to delete.

If that doesn’t help then could you provide some more detail about your animation? Which Layers or parameters are affected (Region, Advanced Outline, Group, Origin, spline, etc.)?

I think you might be on to somthing here.

This is a zomed in view of the time line:

It is not as you expected one frame (599) before the keyframe (600) but almost on the keyframe the second unexpected point appears.

Could this have somthing to do with frame rate of the animation?

Alright, I tried to replicate your timeline and apparently it is possible to create keyframes at decimal point time values between frames. The keyframe appears between frames on the timeline like what you are seeing in your project, but the time value in the keyframe list rounds to the nearest integer.

Try adjusting your keyframe list time values to get them back onto the frame. You should be able to slide your waypoints around and delete the extras to fix the weird movement.


I recreated one off the faulty animations and have now eliminated the problem.

Root cause was that i selected to create a 59.94 frames per second animation.
This does not end verry well in my case.

New animation is 60 frames per second and does not have this.

Do you drag and drop the waypoints in the timetrack?

Just to check if it’s a rounding number issue (for frame positioning).


No actualy i don’t.

I usualy create key frames bij right clicking and chosing add in the keyframe window.
Then I type in the location I want that frame te be (like 300 or 1275) depending on inteval I want (try to avoid keyframes at every second).

During animation I mostley use the next an previous key frame button to navigate.
Occasionaly i want to get rid of a waypoint which is the only time I might use the timetrack but i personally prefer the graph for that.