Animation looks like pictures instead of a movie


My animation looks like pictures instead of a movie, I know that a movie is built up on a lot pictures ofcourse.
To begin with i thought that the fps was low, but then i adjusted it from 24.0000 fps to 60.0000 and there was no changes.
I would really like some help to make my animation look smooth and nice.

I made a very short animation (a man who was moving his head) and that was smooth.
But now I have made a larger file (only 21.8 kB though) and it isn’t smooth at all…

please help

ps: I know that I’ve been posting a lot questions lately, but I’ve just started using Synfig, and want to get started good :slight_smile:

Have you exported the document to a movie format? (For example avi or mov type) You need to render the animation before watch it play at the real frame rate.